Pay Dues

For Active Membership ($325 per calendar year),
please click HERE to renew.

For Associate Membership ($325 per calendar year),
please click HERE to renew.


If paying by check, please submit payment to the following address:

New Orleans CREW

PO Box 84825

Baton Rouge, LA 70884

Renewal FAQs

If I am not already signed up on a committee, why should I be?

Serving on a committee will help you two-fold. First, getting to know your other committee members on an intimate basis will help you further your networking efforts. Second, if you have an interest in developing a leadership path in CREW, both at the local and national level, committee membership is the best place to begin.

Do I have to sign up for the same committee as the one I am serving on currently?

Yes, if you would like to serve on the same committee for another year, please note this on your renewal application.

What if I want to try a different committee?

That is fine – just note the name of the new committee on your renewal application.

What if my contact information has changed in the past year?

Once you renew your membership online, Stacey Martinez will forward you an information sheet produced by CREW Network. If your information needs to be updated, please respond to Stacey’s email.