Member Spotlight: Karley Frankic

Karley Frankic, a two-year member of the CREW New Orleans and a current member of the Board of Directors, has been involved in many different roles in the commercial real estate and construction markets since moving to New Orleans 14 years ago. Karley was originally born and raised in the Midwest, spending part of her life in Chicago and the majority of her childhood in western Michigan. Focusing her education on History and Architecture, Karley has explored many professional interests in New Orleans, having worked for a redevelopment non-profit, as an architectural historian, and as a private consultant for City zoning, code, and permitting issues

Karley is currently with Green Coast Enterprises, a locally founded company seeking to reshape the approach to development along the Gulf Coast in order to establish lessons in sustainably designed real estate that can be exported around the world. Her technical role as Construction Supervisor means she spends roughly half of her time out in the field verifying the company’s projects. But as many of us know, being a part of a small organization means she spends the other half of her time connecting dots for the company. Her additional roles include project programming, entitlement work, and finance packaging assistance.

Regarding the “CREW Food Chain,” Karley says, “My job allows me to have mutually beneficial relationships with real estate attorneys, financial lenders, and title agents – as I’ve enjoyed sharing business in both directions with these members of CREW. I also have the ability to pass leads to architects, attorneys, and bankers. I do wish we had more female contractors here in town, though, because I would certainly have ample opportunities to send their way.”

Anyone who’s met Karley knows that her passion for New Orleans and her hands-on approach to this industry makes her both easy to work and chat with. Talk quickly flows between her husband’s musical endeavors to the nuts and bolts of her latest renovation. In her personal time she is currently a part of the University of Pennsylvania’s Rockefeller Foundation Scholarship, called the Center for Urban Redevelopment Excellence (CUREx) here in New Orleans. As a part of this program, Karley attends class every other weekend for a year developing her expertise in public and private funding structures for affordable housing and urban redevelopment – no easy feat for a full-time businesswoman who is also currently undertaking a major home renovation.

“The culture in this place is about working to live not working to work,” she says as she reveals her reasons for loving this City so passionately. “I love my job but I also love the many multidimensional facets of our culture and I don’t want to miss out on all those things because I’m trapped behind a desk.”

After recently discovering her family roots, possibly on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, she also has a passion for international travel and looks forward to tracing those roots someday in the near future. Clearly a natural explorer, along with her many other professional feats, it is only a matter of time.