Member Spotlight: Tracey Dodd

Tracey Dodd, one of the founders and principals of US Risk Management, was originally born in England – though you could never spot an accent on her if you tried. A mother of three and proud resident of the Uptown neighborhood of New Orleans, she came to the city for Graduate School at Tulane and hasn’t left since (except for the occasional beach trip).

US Risk Management specializes in providing environmental, industrial hygiene, and safety services to clients across the country with a particular depth of work here in the Greater New Orleans region. Tracey runs a team of nearly 120 staff on project assignments ranging from environmental risk evaluation or facility compliance assessments, to full-scale remediation design, litigation support services, and massive environmental clean ups. Their practice uniquely positions them to work with facility owners, design firms, governments, contractors, attorneys, and developers to help them uncover potential environmental and safety problems or manage the problems that have already become evident. This job description has recently landed her firm work on the response to the recent Deepwater Horizon incident, evaluating safety and industrial hygiene for response workers across the coast. Needless to say, Tracey’s team is running hard these days.

US Risk Management also traveled to Nashville earlier this year in the wake of the massive flood that took place in May, where she and her team worked on the restoration of the world famous Grand Ole Opry complex. Tracey and her staff lived there for weeks as the project developed, returned home just in time for the now historic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and are now headed back to Nashville to assist during the reopening of the Opry complex.

Whether hard at work on an environmental disaster or not, Tracey is certainly playing a key role in the extensive work rebuilding of New Orleans. As a woman-owned business (WBE), US Risk Management is also ripe to continue growth for two reasons – access to public contracts, but more prominently, tenacity toward achieving quality the way that only a woman-owned business really knows how to ensure.

With the little spare time she has on her hands these days, Tracey is also involved at her children’s school, the Isidore Newman School, and on the board of the local nonprofit, Jewish Children’s Regional Services.

Tracey is a true inspiration for all of us in the business community and is a fantastic example of how women in our industry are making things happen in our community in both good times and bad. I highly recommend that you take the opportunity to meet her at our next CREW event soon. She will definitely impress.