Letter from the President | May 16, 2018

Hello NO CREW Members!!
I wanted to share with you information on the upcoming Leadership Summits for CREW Network. If you’ve never been it’s an exciting time learning about CREW National, bonding with other CREW members and learning how to grow and better our local organization. They also teach skills for our industry and how to continue building up yourself in your career. This is something that your employer may even pay for. Registration for the leadership summits is very reasonable at $250.00 per person. Then you would also have travel and some meal expenses. However, if you haven’t heard, Winter Leadership Summit 2019 will be held in New Orleans. We will be looking for volunteers to work our event here!
Also, there is the CREW Convention & Marketplace which is an even more exciting event. The cost for this one is $1250 due to the larger nature of what is offered.
Please check out CREW Network for more information:
Here are the upcoming dates and locations:
June 21-22 in Cleveland (Spring Leadership)
Oct 17-19 in San Diego (Convention & Marketplace)
Feb 14-15 in New Orleans (Winter Leadership)
Hope to see you at our next event. Please let me know if you have any questions and/or comments about these national events.
Thanks and talk soon,
Natalie B. Barnes
2018 President | New Orleans CREW