Newly Elected New Orleans CREW President Donna Taylor Presents Her Vision for the Future

According to newly elected New Orleans CREW President, Donna Taylor of Stirling Properties, 2010 is poised to be a promising year for both our region and membership. Making her case, Donna shared some hard facts to back up her optimism at November’s Annual Members-Only Luncheon:

* Louisiana ranks 2nd for economic strength during the recession.
* Baton Rouge ranks 6th for strongest U.S. Metro Economies and 3rd for U.S. Construction Job Growth.
* New Orleans is 1st and Baton Rouge 8th in Top Markets for Income Growth.
* Louisiana ranks in the top half of Top Business Climates.
* The River Region has been noted as one of the country’s strongest corridors.
* Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Shreveport rank among best performing cities.

As a rallying cry to build on this good news, Donna said, “Success comes before the word work only in the dictionary. We must continue our work in the community, the industry and this organization to make our city, region, state and organization a success.”

Donna also provided a glimpse of her vision for New Orleans CREW for 2010:

* After years of hard work by so many CREW Board members to rebuild our chapter, it is time to make the New Orleans CREW Board a more strategic Board.
* Continue to work within the constraints or our operating budget to maintain cash flow and the future of New Orleans CREW.
* Continue to use “free press” to spotlight our organization and members.
* Continue to work with the Programs Committee to guarantee we are offering our members the quality and value they expect.
* Work with the Membership Committee to insure that more members get involved in committees and in the organization.
* Recruit and retain members.
* Form alliances with other professional groups in our industry to ensure we are exposing members to all disciplines in the industry, and to increase knowledge and networking opportunities to get deals done.