Membership Committee

The Goals of the Membership Committee of New Orleans CREW are twofold:

Recruitment: We are working to identify how CREW is best serving its members and how we can do more. The committee identifies needs through member polls, one on one discussion, and during our member’s only events.

Retention: We seek to identify how CREW is best serving its members and how we can do more. The committee identifies needs through member polls, one on one discussion, and during our member’s only events.

If you wish to be involved in shaping the future of New Orleans CREW, the Membership Committee welcomes your participation.

Committee Chair:

Natalie Barnes

Ava Brucato

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee has primary responsibility for generating annual sponsorship support for New Orleans CREW’s activities–not all of which can be covered by dues and individual event charges. As needed, funds are also raised for specific occasions. In addition to fundraising, the Sponsorship Committee coordinates with the Programs Committee and the Media Committee to make sure our valued sponsors receive the recognition they deserve.

The goals of the Sponsorship Committee are:

  • To increase sponsorship funding each year over the funding for the previous year.
  • To build a reserve of funds for the future–as a hedge against any adverse events and for a broader range of CREW involvement in the local community and CREW nationally.
  • To afford networking opportunities to CREW members through interaction with our sponsors.
  • We are recruiting and welcome new committee members!

Committee Chair:

Karen Tipton

Nicole Tygier

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is one of the most important New Orleans CREW committees. We strive to make all programs relate back CREW’s Vision and Mission Statement. It is with these goals in mind that we set the Programs Committee goals.

New Orleans CREW Programs Committee Goals:

  • To provide relevant and frequent opportunities to the members of New Orleans CREW to support the rebuilding of our local network of members in furtherance of our overall goal of advancing the success of our members in the industry.
  • To maximize the appeal of each event to all CREW members.
  • To provide relevant educational opportunities on current topics that affect the industry.
  • To provide more networking forums.
  • To inspire each New Orleans CREW member to become actively involved with our chapter.

Committee Chairs:

Brennan Pizzalato

Vanessa Graf

Media Committee

The Goals for the Website & Media Committee of New Orleans CREW are to promote and communicate the value of CREW membership to current and prospective members, as well as the value of the organization and its members to the community through our website and media initiatives.

We recently updated the New Orleans CREW website content to better articulate who we are and the benefits of membership to prospective members, and to maximize its usefulness to our members and the community at large. The Media Committee is responsible for keeping the site fresh by updating the calendar, news, and sponsor and member spotlight content.

We also coordinate member news and announcements with local and community media outlets to foster awareness of New Orleans CREW and the vast scope of expertise of its members, and to promote CREW members as the “go-to” source for information in the commercial real estate industry.

Committee Chair:

Sarah Yednock

Philanthropic Committee

Newly formed this year, the CREW philanthropic committee, is aimed at not only promoting CREW ideals of networking, but also giving back to our local community.

For this inaugural year, we will be directing our fundraising efforts toward Second Harvest Food Bank.  Second Harvest is the largest anti-hunger network in South Louisiana.  Not only do they operate food distribution programs, but they provide nutrition education and public benefits assistance.

The committee will be planning two events in 2018: an evening cocktail party aimed at raising money for Second Harvest and an afternoon volunteer opportunity to make a hands-on impact.

We are looking to recruit members with an energy for giving back who are eager get more involved in our organization!

Committee Chair:

Crystal Brown

Jeanette Donnelly

UCREW Committee

Megan Reiss

Mentoring Committee

Advisory Board

Rosie Lebreton

Anne Raymond

Network Liaison