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CREW Foundation Trifecta by 1/26

  • Board Circle Donation – DONE

  • 100% of Board Member donations – DONE

  • Now we need YOU to make over 50% of the membership donation to qualify for the Foundation Trifecta!

If you haven’t donated please visit, log into your account and donate today!


Additionally, our chapter President, Katherine Frilot, will be making a $10 donation per member who donates. Any questions they can reach out to Natalie Barnes

It’s a great cause!


“Established in 1998, CREW Network Foundation is the only organization dedicating its resources solely to accelerating success for all women in commercial real estate globally. We are committed to bringing more women into commercial real estate with programs that educate women and girls about the career opportunities available to them and providing mentoring for those new to the industry.

When donating in support of our mission, you may choose to dedicate your gift towards a specific scholarship fund, industry research, or career outreach efforts.”

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